Why choose CareerHunter

  • Science-backed tests

    Our tests are scientifically validated and were developed by a team of experienced psychologists, psychometricians and career experts, using scientific sampling protocols and methodologies.

  • Sophisticated algorithm

    Our tests are scored by advanced and innovative technology based on our sophisticated and continuously evolving algorithm which analyses the results of each test taken in real time to generate accurate career, course and job matches.

  • Regularly updated career database

    Our career database is regularly updated by our team of career experts and researchers with official government data on popular and emerging professions, while we continuously update our state-of-the-art system with new courses and job vacancies.

  • Detailed reporting

    Access your real-time results as you complete each test from your personal dashboard, plus download your personalised Career Report detailing your 20 highest-scoring career matches as well as your overall performance throughout the assessment.

How it works

The magic and science behind the CareerHunter platform

Complete the tests

1. Complete the tests

The CareerHunter platform is made up of a series of comprehensive and scientifically backed assessments designed to profile your psychological makeup across six core testing areas: your interests, personality and motivations, as well as your abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning abilities.

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We work our magic

2. We work our magic

Using our sophisticated and continuously evolving algorithm, we compile and analyse your test results against 77 dimensions of interests, personality traits, motivators and aptitudes, providing you with real-time insights into your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, values and natural tendencies.

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Career Matches
Job Recommendations
Course Suggestions
Career Report

3. Generate your matches

Finally, we use our comprehensive analysis of your results to generate accurate career, job and course recommendations that match your interests, personality, motivations and abilities. You can even download a personalised report detailing your performance and matches from your dashboard.

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Who can use CareerHunter

We’ve helped thousands of people find their perfect career!

School leavers

School leavers

Are you about to graduate from high school but not sure what you want to do? Take the CareerHunter test to discover your career options!

University and college students

University and college students

Whether you’re still studying or you’ve recently graduated from uni, we’ll help you figure out what you can do after your student years.

Working professionals


Find out how much of a good fit you are in your chosen career and discover if your skills, interests and traits match your role.

Career changers

Career changers

No longer satisfied in what you do? Thinking about switching careers? CareerHunter can help you decide where to go next!

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